• What Type Of Business Are We?

We are a Japanese owned and managed independent distributor of thousands of electronic components. We represent over 1500 of the top manufacturers from all over the world. We are an independent distributor, not a broker. We buy direct from the factory, OEM Excess as well as factory representatives, spanning the entire globe.

• What Areas Do We Cover?

We buy and sell all over the world. If you are searching for a "hard to find" items, we can search the world with in 24 hours or less, to locate the product you need, when you need it!

• Shipping Methods

We are your fast global service ... your one-stop source for global shipping! We can and will ship from anywhere to anywhere in the world within 24 to 48 hours. We use North American, European and Asian shipping giants, such as: UPS, FEDEX, TNT and DHL.

• Service: GIS (Global Inventory System)

We are a global company with inventories in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Asia and Australia. We are not restricted by region. We can offer you our worldwide inventories as well as the inventories of all manufacturers worldwide, their authorized distributors, brokers and our customer’s excess inventories around the world. We have a database of over 100,000 vendors worldwide, which consists of famous component manufacturers, world famous distributors, component brokers and OEM excesses inventories.

Benefits/ Advantages

• Global Presence – USA, Japan, China, Philippines
• Not restricted to local inventories (we can source worldwide, giving you first access to allocated "hard to find" electronic components, before other manufacturers get them).
• Net 30day payment terms with pre-approved credit limits
• 100% Guarantee - we guarantee all of our products to be new and free of defect
• Quick and Easy Ordering - ordering process only takes minutes
• 24 - 48 hour expedited worldwide delivery service
• ZERO "0" Risk Policy
• Great Prices
• Great Quality
• On Time Delivery - you will get your components when you need them
• A partner with the ability to handle a range from 100 pieces to 10 million pieces in a single order. The ability to handle monetary ranges from $100 to $10,000,000 per order
• More than 30 years of combined experience in the electronic distribution industry

• Traceable Assurance

We can assure that our components are always been kept in ISO9000 compliance inventory systems, reducing the risk to "0"! You have a greater risk if you are buying electronic components and you do not know where they have been stored.

• Warranty/ Guaranty

We pass on the manufacturers warranty on all of our products. Additionally we have UKI International’s warranty for the item to work according to the manufacturer’s spec, of at least 30 days or greater in some cases. Remember: The warranty you receive is only as good as the company that stands behind it! At UKI International we have over 30 years of combined experience in the Electronic Component industry. We stand behind! We stand 100% behind all of the products we sell. Ask around and see how many companies have been in business for over 5 years? Ask if they provide warranties. How much can you trust their warranties? Will they be around long enough, if you ever need them?

• Other Benefits

Our labor force includes people from the entire world. We can help you any document translation, any catalogs, sample data sheets, technical support and engineering services in your language. We are here to offer you a one-stop service solution.

• Our Current Market Share

We are in the top 50 independent distributors in South East Asia. We can offer you great prices, deliveries and a one-stop call source for all of your electronic components. With complete Global sourcing capabilities UKI International can procure components from every corner of the world. We carry or have access to inventories in the US, Europe, Japan and Asia. Furthermore we nave full knowledge of the inventory in all of the factories, OEMs, distributors and brokers worldwide. This gives you an advantage in getting your components before any other manufacturer does. This will help you deliver your product to your client, on time! We offer you our CGS (Complete Global Sourcing) Service.

How Can UKI International’s World Famous Service Help You?

• Eliminating Line Shutdowns!
With practically over $500milion dollars of available ready to ship worldwide inventory, you will always have the components you need when you need them!
• Access To Worldwide Inventories!
You will have access not only to UKI Internationals, but all major component manufacturers, distributors, OEM Excess from over 20,000 customers worldwide. These inventories are not available to the general distribution channels. These are exclusive inventories managed by UKI International. Remember if you need any electronic components and need them NOW; UKI International is the company you can rely on. When you provide us with at requirement, we find it for you! We are the one-stop one-call distributor.
• Shorter Delivery Time
Since we buy the components on a daily basis we might be ahead of production, therefore will be able to deliver parts to you faster than if you placed your order directly with the manufacturer yourself.
• Quality Control
In order to guarantee that the client receives the maximum quality parts, UKI International has developed a complete inspection process. Every part is carefully inspected on receipt and once again before being shipped. You can be certain that your orders will be fulfilled with the precise components you specified.
• Delivery Of Our Product
Who do we use and how fast can we deliver it to the client?
• Or we can use any other carrier and/or method you feel comfortable using
We have fast delivery services that will fit your needs or emergency situations
- In case of emergency, we can have it to you on the same day
- We can ship anywhere in me world within 24/ 48 hours
- Standard service is 2 to 4 days
• Payment Terms – TT in advance or with preapproved credit limit
We can offer you a line of credit as high as $100k in less than 24 hours. As you see it is quite easy to order with us.

• Our Order Process

We have simplified the order process, so you can look forward to placing an order with us!
We are utilizing the ABC approach:
A) You send us the requirement with Quantity, Part Number, Manufacturer (if you can use a cross compatible part it will be helpful in getting the product you need), and Target Price with a Delivery Date.
B) We reply to your quote within 1- 24 hours. Once you approve and send us your order, we create your account (this takes about 1-2 hours).
C) We ship the product anywhere in the world. We can ship it immediately or within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the item. This gives you "0' risk.
• Zero "0" Risk Policy
All of our components come from a large list of approved vendors with high standards in their quality control system, therefore eliminating any possible defective products.
• Our Track Record
In today's world you need a partner with a successful worldwide track record. UKI International’s track record has proven itself over the years. We solve component-sourcing issues using the best in worldwide manufacturers in the industry.
For example:
• Telecom
• Automotive
• Audio -Video Equipment
• Industrial Electronics
• X-Ray Apparatus
• Computer
• Medical
• Aerospace
• Military
• Radar & Locating Devices Mfg
• Consumer Electronics

Disadvantages of Other Suppliers

• Short time in business
• You cannot count on their guaranty.
• Financial weakness! Little resources!
• They are not worldwide. They have restricted inventory. Restricted to local inventory due to agreements with different component manufacturers.
• Will not have a multilingual work force
• There is no way to tell where the components have been
• No Quality Control!
• No Technical support!
• No Engineering Support!

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